Petra and the white swan whispering sweet nothings

In my last post I told the story of Petra the black Australian swan and her lover the pedal boat. A sad love story.

My friend Lydia asked me to take a few photos of Petra.

So I took the bike and went to the lake on Saturday and saw it with my own eyes: the black and white swan where bosom buddies again! It was a nice atmosphere, too. A woman fed the swans with grain, children dropped by and said: hello Petra! And the swans were slowly and beautifully gliding over the water.

At the Flickr box on this page there's a Swan series including a video.


Lydia said...

That's wonderful, Francessa! The photos are beautiful and so is the video. I wonder when the white swan returned to Petra. And now have they removed the big wooden swan?
Taking a bike ride to that beautiful lake must have been the perfect Saturday outing!

francessa said...

Isn't it? :-)

Yes, it was a nice little outing and I intend to go there more often when I'll be in Muenster again!

The big swan (actually made from plastic) is still used as a pedal boat by the nearby boat rental. In the past, people rented it all the time because Petra would follow it.

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