This blog was digged!

Today, you can find a review of this weblog on DoYouDiggIt.com.

It was Lydia from Writerquake who pointed this blog out to Mary Ward, the reviewer.

Thanks to both of them! This is awesome, especially, as I was never digged before :-)


Mary Ward, Do You Digg It said...

Actually it's just Ward, but my kids might prefer the title of warden! LOL Now worries,though.

You've got a great blog and I was happy to review it. Any of you readers who Digg you can also use the widget below your review to vote for it and get you more much-deserved attention. Actually, it's perfectly reasonable for you to do that yourself, too!

francessa said...

Oh,sorry for the error, I've just mended it :-)

Thanks for the vote hint!

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