Three Bards

Robert Burns, Poet
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When asked about his greatest creative inspiration, Bob Dylan named the Scottish 18th-century poet Robert "Rabbie" Burns.

Tomorrow is the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns' birthday, and I'm sure, there'll be lots of the so-called
Burns Suppers
(the Scottish way to commemorate their bard).

Want to hear Burns' Auld Lang Syne in real Scottish?

Here you find all the poems and songs.

And, who's the third bard? It's one of my favourite singers Stuart Lee Murdoch, leadsinger of the Scottish indie band Belle and Sebastian. He grew up in the same village as Robert Burns, in Ayr.

Here's Stuart and the band:

I think, it would be nice going to Scotland in summer...


Stevie's full of good intentions said...

Dem Namen nach kannte ich Mr. Robert Burns schon! Und der Stuart kommt tatwahrhaftig aus demselben Ort?

Könnt was werden mit Schottland im Sommer ... Also, an mir solls nicht liegen!

francessa said...

Ok, let's go then! :-)

Rob Spence said...
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Rob Spence said...

I don't think Burns, who fathered about a dozen children in ten years, would have had need of the rather dubious instrument mentioned in the Belle and Sebastian song...
Scotland in summer is great - just remember to pack lots of midge-repellent!
(Sorry about previous post - made no sense when I read it!)

francessa said...

Rob, I have to admit I assumed something totally different by Arab strap, but your remarks about Robert Burns made me google it and now I know better. Oops!

Midges? In Scotland? Is this based on your own experience?

Rob Spence said...

Francessa- I think everyone who's visited Scotland will have encountered the midge: see here and here

francessa said...

Rob, thanks for the links.

This really is a surprise. I know midges from Italy and from the area around the Danube but would never have expected them in Scotland!

Mhm...They like the cool indirect light of dawn and dusk, and dislike direct strong sunlight...? Me, too.

Lydia said...

What a fun and enlightening post! Never would have known that about Dylan.

Remind me to email you info on my Scottish author friend whose book on Burns I just received in December. Too much to tell here.

I really like Murdoch! Thanks for introducing him to me. I'll have to follow the link to read about the strap thing.

I did follow the links about midges. Never heard of them in my life! Really? They sound disturbing! I have a cousin named Marjorie whose nickname is "Midge." Here's what's stranger: she just had her second trip in the last three years to Iona, Scotland. O, I want to go there SO badly!

francessa said...


oh yes, please, send me info on your Scottish author friend.

And Midge went to the midges twice? ;-)

You could go to Scotland on your trip to Europe! :-)

Stevie's full of good intentions said...


I'm still amused about the arab strap! I heard that B & S lyrics contain quite a number of sexual references, but I never thought this would be one ...

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