Scots of Note

I'm turning my last post about Robert Burns and Stuart Lee Murdoch into the first of a series of Scots who make a difference (to me).

Today's person of interest is the Scottish singer Amy MacDonald.

Isn't that an impressive voice?

There's some info here.

That's her website.


Lydia said...

Wow, I really like her and that song! A lot. I've never heard of her and wonder if she'll be introducing her work over here (maybe she already has and I've missed it). Sandi Thom from Scotland was popular here a few years back but that was that. Her CD "Smile...it confuses people" had a few really good songs but the rest was not much. She isn't even at all the singer that this girl is!

Lydia said...

Me again. I was just at Di Mackey's blog and she wrote a post about her home town that has a Burns twist to it!

francessa said...

Lydia, Amy Macdonald was on top of several charts (European, UK, and more) for several months last year. I'll have to look up Sandi Thom.

Thanks for the link to Di Mackey's blog, I'll have a closer look at the weekend, looks interesting!

Lydia said...

Yes, do look at the post at Di's blog, as she commented further about a Burns statue in her town, etc.

The song I so love by Sandi Thom isI Wish I Was a Punk Rocker with Flowers in My Hair.

I just found this site about her tour as part of the Homecoming Scotland 2009. My friend in Scotland wrote about that and I wish wish I could be there for the homecoming!

francessa said...

Thanks for the link, Lydia. I'll listen to Sandi Thom now!

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