Britain's Got Talent

This video of Susan Boyle's performance circulated all over Austria today.

It cannot be embedded, so you have to follow the link:

Susan Boyle

Read more here:

Britain's got talent ...

Isn't she incredible?


kat said...

I hadn't seen this before, Francessa, but since I followed your link (about 3 hours ago), I have not been able to stop watching it!

Rob Spence said...

Very perceptive commentary on this is here:

francessa said...

It was the same with me, kat :-)

Thanks for the link, Rob, I liked the commentary very much!

Lydia said...

I heard the end of the report on the evening news as I passed by the tv and the reporter said they'd put a link at their website. I saw her standing on the stage with everyone going crazy at the end of the performance.

Later on, I remembered and went to the website to find out about it. Couldn't believe my ears. Showed it to Mike the next day. Neither of us could count how many times we've watched the video!

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