William Wordsworth Today

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"I wandered lonely as a cloud" as a rap (but only for one minute). The rest is beautiful landscape.

Happy Easter everyone!


kat said...

Happy Easter to you.

Friko said...

Frohe Ostern liebe Leute in Muenster. Hier in Shropshire in meinem Garten blueht und gruent es ebenso.

Lydia said...

I am late to see this, but as it turns out I came at just the right day! I planted a special daffodil bulb in our shady backyard by the sauna shed three years ago, and it never came up as the ones in the front do. But this spring it produced one beautiful flower and it has touched me each time I see it. Then today we had a monstrous hailstorm (the cats were terrified) and when it was over I found the daffodil lying on the ground. The stem had been cut right at the ground level, the flower itself was beaten up (the outer petals all but gone) and had dirt in it. I brought it inside and gently washed off the dirt. It is in a vase in the kitchen. I showed it to Mike and told him it's a statement of bravery.

Thank you for this most unique video! Your own photograph is delightful. :)

singamaraja said...

Singamaraja reading your blogs

francessa said...

Thanks, kat!

Thanks, Friko! I'd love to see your garden!

Lydia, a hailstorm at this time of year? April showers? And your single daffodil, what a pity!

Hi singamaraja!

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