I seldom watch TV and even more seldom go to the cinema, so I don't know much about the current advertisements. Don't like most advertisements anyway - but who does? Okay, there were some in the past some that were different, caught the attention, made me smile, but very few. Most of them are annoying and boring, have bad timing, are endlessly repeated and make me want to throw things at the TV.

One that stands out from the mass of mediocre or bad adverts is Louis Vuitton's journeys, featuring Sally Ride (America's first woman in space), Jim Lovell (Commander of Apollo XIII), and Buzz Aldrin (the second man to set foot on the moon) - made by star photographer Annie Leibowitz.


Lydia said...

I am so glad that I'm behind in reading your latest post, because it meant that I came on the 40th anniversary of the moon landing - and this gorgeous ad is perfect, ends the day perfectly. I watched a wonderful program about the moon on The History Channel tonight before coming here, so I feel full of moonbeams! Thank you for this great feeling.

This is a TV ad that I greatly admire, actually the only TV ad that I admire!

francessa said...

Oh yes, Lydia, that's a great one!

JonathanAquino said...

Happy Birthday! Well, that is, I heard it from Lydia, so I hope you don't mind. I haven't seen that ad -- but I can assure you I know a lot of really outrageous ones. Anytime you want a laugh, there's "The Most Amazing Quotes In History" and it sequel . Thank you and Happy Birthday again

francessa said...

Hi JonathanAquino,

Thank you for the wishes and the link!

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