United Breaks Guitars

A true story, told by the Sons of Maxwell, and worth listening.

Here's more.


Lydia said...

Well, Ha, ha, they sure did get back at United in a classy way. Makes more of an impact having a song come from it. Can't wait to show to Michael tonight!

YogaforCynics said...

Apparently, United has since offered to pay for damages, and been refused...too little, too late....

Wonder if I should make a youtube video about the backpack that ended up with a broken frame (metal bar broken in half) after one flight...or about the time I had to spend Christmas without clean underwear, or the presents that were in my missing luggage, wearing clothes bought from a tropical resort gift shop (yes, I looked tacky...).

Hattie said...

For years we took United and suffered, because my husband's job took him to one of its hubs, Denver, every few weeks, so we got a lot of frequent flyer miles. It is at best OK. We always said, "Well, they don't get you there in style, but they do get you there in one piece." Guitars may not be so lucky.

Friko said...

Happy Birthday, Francessa.
Lydia let the cat out of the bag.

francessa said...

Lydia, I agree, it's a classy way to make a song instead of just being annoyed and lamenting.

YogaforCynics, you should definitely make a video of these incidents. And I'd love to see of photo with those tropical resort gift shop clothes.

Hattie, at least you didn't have any real bad experiences!

Thank you, Friko, for the wishes and for alerting me to Lydia's blogpost!

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