Happy Easter!

This year I’ m having an Alpine Easter again (for a change), or at least some elements. Lots of family, blessing of the meat in the beautiful little old church, hunt for colored Easter eggs and small presents (hidden by the Easter bunny), the traditional meal with the smoked ham and sausages, horseradish and mustard, the Easter bread, the ring cakes. Well, I don’t eat meat, so I had a lot of eggs and cake .. During the meal the playful egg knocking competition, at around 9 p.m. the Easter fire. It's lovely and full of atmosphere to watch the other fires from the mountain peaks in the area. Next day: long Easter walk, playing games, eating, drinking, having fun, and so on. The weather is still relatively nice, with lots of sunny spells. Tomorrow might be the time to go to the lake.


Rob Spence said...

Love the rabbit bread!

Lydia said...

It all seems so gracious and beautiful (and delicious) to me!

francessa said...

Rob, it's delicious, but the dough and ingredients repeat themselves over the year, only the shape changes: On Valentine's Day and Mother's Day we get hearts, in winter those beasts with horns called Krampus, and several others I don't even know by name.

Like your new photo!

Lydia, these Easter customs over here are also a feast for the eyes. I should have taken more photographs.

Hattie said...

Oh, but that kind of bread is such a special holiday treat. Especially with butter and marmalade!
Did you hear any good Osterhase jokes?
My word verification is "hophyo." That may be how bunnies yodel to each other from alp to alp.

francessa said...

Hattie, I just imagined a yodeling bunny! :-) In school the kids told this joke: "How can you find a lost Easter bunny? Make a noise like a carrot and he may find you!"

You're right, butter and marmalade make that bread just perfect!Do you get it every now and then?

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