Happy Birthday!

If this isn't an occasion to start blogging again!

It's Lydia's birthday (on 9 Jan), and that's something very special to me (and a lot of other people, too, I think).

Happy Birthday, Lydia! And all the best!

Some alpine Edelweiss flowers, a birthday cake and a song from my universe to yours!

(viewed best with full screen).


Lydia said...

Oh, Francessa! This is the most lovely post, with such special words, images, and astonishingly beautiful video. I looked at it a few hours after my birthday was over, just before going to bed and now I am sure to have sweet dreams. Thank you so much. xo

francessa said...

Oh, my pleasure! I've just learned that on 5 February 2008, "Across the Universe" was beamed across the universe by NASA to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the song, the 45th anniversary of the DSN (Deep Space Network), and the 50th anniversary of NASA. And the Hubble photos never cease to amaze me.

Rob Spence said...

Glad to see you're back! You might like this little video that I came across yesterday:

francessa said...

Hi Rob, that's nice to hear from you, thanks for the link. We still have around 2000 coffee-houses and most of them are crowded from morning till night. A lot of them provide WLAN so people can sit not only with their daily papers but with netbooks and iPads. Apart from that not much has changed - coffee houses are still a good place for all kinds of things, work, creativity, study, networking - or just watching other people which can be very entertaining at times.

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