Holiday in Guernsey

An island each year, that's what we do. Not too big, temperatures moderate, preferred language: English. Beautiful landscape, flowers, wild and stormy sea. History and literary background wanted.

We got all that, and more: Guernsey:

65000 inhabitants on 78km², mild climate. English breakfast and afternoon tea AND French lunch and dinner! Isn't that the most desirable combination?

I refreshed my acquaintance with Victor Hugo who was in exile there and got to know Mervyn Peake. It was love at first sight. You'll hear more of this relationship soon.

Ok, the traffic is horrendous for such a small island and to explore the island by bike is dangerous, but rewarding nonetheless.

I've never seen so many jeweller's stores in one place. And the big deal is, of course, wealth management, with 50 licensed banks, several hundred captive insurance entities, and financial services of all kinds imaginable.

To be continued.


Lydia said...

Beautiful shots and interesting info, Francessa, and with a bit of a tease that more is to come! Guernsey looks like a wonderful vacation spot. I sure love your practice of an island each year...wow!

We recently saw the musical Les Miserables, so we were both becoming reacquainted with Victor Hugo in different ways at about the same time!

francessa said...

Lydia, I like our momentary connection to Victor Hugo! I haven't seen Les Miserables so far. How did you like it?

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