Jan Banning made a photographic study of the culture, rituals and symbols of state civil administrations and its servants in eight countries on five continents, selected on the basis of political, historical and cultural considerations: Bolivia, China, France, India, Liberia, Russia, the United States, and Yemen.

Together with the writer Will Tinnemans he visited hundreds of offices, unannounced. By asking them lots of questions they kept the employees from clearing the office.

Take a look at the Bureaucratics - Gallery. It takes a little to load, but it's worth it.

My favorite is "India Bureau Prasad 17", but the "China bureau 10" is also interesting. What are the guys working on? The "usa bureau 04 b" looks a little like my own desk, sometimes. I hope Jan Banning and Will Tinnemans will never visit me unannounced. :-)

There's also a book by the same title.

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