Thomas Ruff - Stellar Landscapes

Saw the impressing photo-exhbition "Stellar Landscapes" by one of Germany's best-known photographers, Thomas Ruff in Muenster, Germany, yesterday.

Link to a video: The Universe of Thomas Ruff, English language.

His star-photos are based on archived images, taken again by a telescopic lense. Details of these photos from photos are enlarged. He says you can't take photos of the starry sky in Central Europe because of the air and light pollution.

His ma.r.s - series originates in NASA-photos which are without copyright because they were taken by machines. He colored the photos and beveled the field of vision so you can see the martian landscape as you would from a plane in approach for landing. Needless to say, the photos are exquisite and striking and always a play between the real and the virtual, or our perceptions of those.

There's a jpeg-series where he enlargens small jpeg-photos into large scale photos and edits and manipulates them digitally. The farther you step away from those the better you perceive them.

The series "Nights" was taken by night vision equipment, the color of green phosphor and leads to associations with photos from the Golf War and the operation "Desert Storm". He transforms his city Duesseldorf into a theater of war and changes harmless locations and deserted streets into eerie places.

The video below is only available in German und French, but it's worth seeing nonetheless because of the photos.

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