On Gerhard Richter's 80th Birthday

It was Gerhard Richter’s 80 birthday yesterday, surely an occasion to bring into mind one of the world's finest and most interesting artists. His versatility can be seen here: Drawings, abstracts, photorealism, glass and mirror work, color chart paintings and more.

I’ve seen his Cathedral windows in Cologne, and went to his retrospective in Vienna in 2009 .

There are exhibitions and retrospectives of Richter all over the world, from Berlin to Beirut, from Ecuador to France.

Sotheby’s recently sold a group of abstract canvases by Mr. Richter for $20.8 million.

Stephen Hough saw the show in London.

Here's small selection of the many videos about Gerhard Richter:

A Life in Painting

Interview with Gerhard Richter

Here's the trailer to a 2011 film about Richter.


Here’s a video from this recent retrospective at the Tate Modern.

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